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Please apply at least 72hours before travelling to Canada.

Before visiting Canada

Be it a citizen, student or a resident flying to Canada, there are various documents that everyone must have. Because of the fact that they are mandatory, it is usually advisable that anybody travelling ensures they have all the right papers and documents so as to make their stay much better and not have any problems with the immigration department in Canada.

Traveling with children

There are many cases that surround children including their abduction for them to be sold in other countries. For people traveling to Canada, if there is only one parent who is available, then there is need for a consent letter from the parent not there. This is to verify that the children are safe. They can also be questioned by border officers so as to verify that they really are safe which is one thing that is very important when traveling with children.


There is only one country where people can travel to Canada with an ETA or a Visa. This the USA. Residents of the United States are usually exempted from having to apply for a visa or for the ETA and can enter the country using only a passport. This makes it very easy for people to travel in and out of Canada from USA. Canadian citizens are also able to travel to U.S.A using their Visa ETA Canada.

Tourism in Canada

The country having brought up the Canada ETA (link to homepage) method that helps reduce the hoops one has to go through before they are eligible to travel, has really helped improve the rate of tourists coming into the country. Having the ETA makes it very simple to travel and enjoy all that Canada has to offer without having to wait for long to get a visa. If you are eligible then all is well.

What happens after the approval of the ETA?

Once this is approved, you can then travel into Canada for whatever reasons you wanted. You have to travel with all the supporting documents into the country. The ETA is applied online hence you do not meet any of the immigration officers before traveling. For those with ETAs, you end up meeting them when in the country at the airport. You will have to go through them so that they can verify that you are truly eligible to be in the country. The ETA lessens the burden of application of documents to travel but does not take away the verification section by security. You will have to go through them for security purposes.

The ETA is a very nice way to make travel into the country better and easier. Many people from the eligible countries have become fond of it making it popular. The introduction of this method is currently in the USA and Canada which has gone a long way to make the immigration process way better. It is really a milestone for the country and the eligible countries.