Our agency and it's dedicated team is there to help you obtain your eTA Canada.
Please apply at least 72hours before travelling to Canada.

Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Following things are required for completion of the online form:
  • Valid Passport
  • Personal email address
ETA application is required per person i.e. for a family of three, it's necessary to apply for three ETAs per head, separately.

ETA application is not required if:
  • If you are a Canadian citizen with dual nationality or
  • A legal permanent resident of Canada or
  • A legal permanent citizen of US.
Still for legitimate residents of US an ETA application is required if they are travelling by air. It is possible for legitimate and permanent residents of US to apply for an ETA with the following documents
  • Valid US travel permit for refugee (I-571)
  • Valid re-entry permit to US (I-327)

It must be noted that the above mentioned ETA requirement is valid if the person doesn't own a valid passport.

Whether you need an ETA or VISA to enter Canada can be decided on the basis of information provided above. You will then be automatically redirected to online ETA application.