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Canada Travel Formalities

Are you interested in traveling to Canada from overseas? Canada is home to many natural wonders, charming cities and offers an array of activities for visitors from around the globe. Of course, Canada is also an important business destination.

However, in order to get to Canada from a foreign country, travelers must be familiar with the travel formalities associated in this country. Compared to other countries, the travel formalities in Canada are a little bit complex. Of course, with a good documentation and preparation, everything should be fine.

Things you need to enter Canada by plane

Canada visa

Every visitor to Canada must have a passport valid at least for the period that they are planning on staying in this country. Visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and the British Commonwealth countries don’t need a special visa to go to Canada. However, foreign nationals (except US citizens) who don’t need Canada visa will have to get an ETA before flying to any place in Canada. It’s worth mentioning that if you are going to Canada by sea or land, you don’t need ETA application. ETA Canada or Electronic Travel Authorization has introduced a few years ago as an entry requirement for foreign citizens from visa-exempt countries flying to Canada. Once they obtain this authorization it will last for five years (or as long as the passport is valid). The government of Canada has decided to introduce this change in order to improve the safety of travelers and the safety of the country.

The list of travel formalities for those planning on flying to Canada continues with the preparation of the tickets. Namely, the name on the flight ticket must match the name on your passport. Once you complete all these things, you can board a plane and start your journey to Canada.

Entering Canada

While the passengers are on board, they will receive a so-called Declaration Card. Every person regardless of their nationality must fill in this Declaration Card which contains some basic information about the traveler. Once the travelers arrive at some of the airports in Canada, they will have to pass the first checkpoint known as Primary Inspection. Prepare your ID, Declaration Car, ETA visa and other required documents. Keep in mind that the border services officer may ask you some questions about the nature of your travel and other questions.

After passing the baggage claim area (where you might be asked to pay taxes and duty), you will go to the next security check – the CBSA checkpoint where the officer will ask for the Declaration Card and a receipt in case you’ve paid taxes and duty. Once again, the officer has the right to ask you additional questions. It is crucial to remain friendly and cooperative in order to complete this process smoothly and to enter Canada as soon as possible.

Finally, if you want to explore Canada safely, it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance. There are many different insurance options that will provide a peace of mind.

We hope that this travel advice will help you enter and explore Canada without any hassles.