In 3 steps
your visa is ready !

#1 Make an application

#2 Make the payment

#3 Receive your visa

#1 Make an application
By providing the asked credentials you can proceed with an eTA application.
#2 Make the payment
The payment procedure for visa would be online using a credit card.
#3 Receive your visa
After payment, your eTA would be delivered to you by email.

What is ETA Canada?

In order to get to Canada as a foreign national, you have to prepare some papers. Of course, the travel formalities depend on the country the traveler is coming from. For instance, some foreign nationals need a Canadian visa while others don’t need such visa. Obviously, every foreign national need a valid passport to enter this country. In some cases, the Starting from 2016, the Government of Canada has introduced a new entry requirement for every foreign citizen that comes from the so-called visa-exempt countries. Keep in mind that this requirement applies only to those flying to Canada or transiting through this country. This requirement is known as Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA.

The reason why this authorization is called electronic is the fact that it is electronically linked to the passports of foreign nationals who want to fly to Canada. The same goes for those who want to transit through this country. This authorization lasts for five years.

ETA authorization is mandatory for nationals of the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the members of the British Commonwealth as well as for few other countries.

Why did this change happen?

What made the Canadian government to introduce this change? The government of this country has decided to use ETA in order to customize the screening process making it simpler for travelers that don’t belong to the high-risk categories to enter Canada by air. It is good to know that about ¾ of foreign nationals that enter Canada every year come from visa-exempt countries where ETA is mandatory.

Do children need ETA?

Yes. The authorities have made ETA authorization mandatory for children too. In fact, children regardless of their age must have the same travel documents as their parents or legal guardians – passport, ETA, visas etc. Don’t forget that the border officers may ask additional questions and ask for other papers in case the child is traveling alone.

A few other things that everyone should know about ETA for Canada

A travel advice related to ETA for Canada would be incomplete without mentioning that Electronic Travel Authorization can be obtained online. This makes the entire process a lot easier for every traveler. There are many websites found online that provide processing of ETA visas. The category of people that will find such services extremely useful is families with children who want to go to Canada together. As previously mentioned, every family member regardless of their age must get an ETA visa if they want to enter Canada by air. In order to obtain ETA for Canada over the Internet, you need a valid credit/debit card and a passport. The results of the application process are visible almost right away. You will also get a reference number to get more info on an ETA.

It’s also good to know that travelers that have valid Canadian visas or permanent resident cards don’t need an ETA. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions related to ETA for Canada.